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Critical Mass CBD Cartridge

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Woodies Critical Mass CBD Cartridge is a potent kind of indica strain flavoured CBD Oil which in small doses will make you feel calm and creative, in larger doses, you will be likely to feel sleepy. The strain derives its name from its ability to grow in dense, heavy and tasty buds.

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Woodies Critical Mass CBD Cartridge

Woodies Critical Mass CBD Cartridge is a potent kind of indica strain flavoured CBD Oil which in small doses will make you feel calm and creative, in larger doses, you will be likely to feel sleepy. The strain derives its name from its ability to grow in dense, heavy and tasty buds. As always with Woodies signature 92% pure broad-spectrum triple distilled CBD.

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Woodies Critical Mass CBD Cartridge fits on most Mods but for the best experience, Jamie recommends Woodies new Vape Kit.



Contents: 0.5ml, 375mg CBD

  • 90% Pure CBD
  • 8.7% Terpenes
  • < 1% Pure CBG
  • No THC (0%)


  • 250 puffs
  • Reusable
  • All-natural ingredients so can crystallise, if this happens heat with a hairdryer or run under hot water in a Ziplock bag more here


→ More about Vaping CBD Oil

→ This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment, illness or disease.

→ For a full report on the recreational use of CBD read WHO's Critical Review Report on CANNABIDIOL (CBD)

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Want to recommend again without…

Want to recommend again without reservation the wonderful products and service from Woodies. I have been using the peppermint flavoured CBD oil and it is really helping my anxiety and I feel much more calm. My daughters use the vapes and also feel enormous benefit. The hand sanitizer smells lovely and doesn’t leave your hands sticky just clean and fresh.
Just received the balm today to rub on arthritic knees for me and hands for my husband. I have great confidence it will help with pain and like all his products it is beautifully packaged and branded.



By far best CBD product I’ve used

Jamie was so helpful And the service was amazing! Def be back



Excellent product highly recommended

After researching alot I came across a good review on woodies products. The website was easy to navigate. Jamie's was extremely helpful throughout my purchase experience and delivery was really quick. Highly recommend the product helps with my anxiety and arthritis.

Deena Sharkey


Cannot rate Woodies highly enough in…

Cannot rate Woodies highly enough in everyway. I really recommend anyone with health issues to try these amazing products . Excellent gold star service. Friendly helpful and efficient. Beautifully packaged icing on cake



I used Woodies for the first time (it...

I used Woodies for the first time (it arrived just before Christmas which is a particularly stressful time for me) and I thought the quality of the CBD oil was really good. I tried a bit under my tongue and could feel more relaxed within 5 minutes. The packaging also would make a good gift for loved ones.

Mark Cann


The Best

The Best; Love the look , love the quality , love the name .. it’s nice to see someone running a company has a passion to produce the best products and not just turn a fast buck ..

Brilliant job Jamie Woods!


I really love pineapple express nice…

I really love pineapple express nice smooth smoke, tasted like bud, I'll try some strawberry cough, an the lemon next time , just nearly finishing my 1st order, the discount code came in handy. Thanks again woodies vape


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    Critical Mass

12 reviews for Critical Mass CBD Cartridge

  1. clairgermain

    works very well to relieve my pain and help me sleep. taste is great too. no doubt that Woodies have the best range of oils, when I say best I mean effective for both pain and anxiety. not yet tried anything that hasn’t been a complete game changer. beating other well known CBD oil manufacturers. 5*+++++

  2. smith.colin98

    I use this an hour before bed & sends me straight to sleep & I go right through the night , tasty & effective 🤟

  3. carl.john64 (verified owner)

    what an awesome cbd cartridge works extremely good to relieve pain and relaxes you to have a good nights sleep keep up the good work Jamie your number 1 for cbd products and delivery times are second to none

  4. nigelosiris

    This company and its products have changed my whole life, without exaggerating. Before I tried Woodies I had never got the experience, feelings or results I was looking for from any other company, and I tried many… Then a Woodies review popped up on my youtube feed, and I HAD to give it a go… and just WOW!!! From superb, second to none customer service where Jamie really makes you feel at home and welcome, as well as being extremely generous (free carts), friendly, and just all round the best customer service I’ve experienced, full stop.. then it comes to Woodies FANTASTIC products, I did not expect anything profound or even mildly good because of my experience with other companies, but boy was I wrong, very wrong. I puffed on this beautiful flavour and instantly felt the CBD relaxating/creative/contented effects I was looking for, for so so long. The beautiful canna terpenes that are present give each strain an identical flavour to thc bud, it’s incredible how accurate the flavour is, as well as being beautifully tasty, being pure distillate there is nothing harmful, just pure, natural goodness. This is a lovely day time strain, although has very relaxing effects if you have a larger amount which you get great sleep and pre sleep anxiety relief, but kn general this strain can be relaxing yet enhance creative thinking with very noticable uplifting tones. I feel this is great for stress, anxiety, depression and personally as someone with Bipolar type 2 the relief I got from my overactive mind was the life changing cherry on the top. I feel normal again, if there is such a thing, I feel like I can be me again without the debilitating disorder effecting my life anymore. To me it is way way more effective than my pharma meds, and has zero side effects.

    Whether you are looking for a good night’s sleep, or a stress free contented day, this strain brightens up your life in so many ways. I couldn’t rate the product or the amazing service highly enough, and I’m eternally grateful to Jamie and Woodies for pulling me out of a tunnel that I thought I’d never see light at the end of. I can freely go back to being a musician, and a father, as well as a son, properly with 100 percent conviction without my disorder and the things that come with it from stopping me anymore.

    Also fantastic if you want to stop thc use, my use has gone from every day to quell negative feelings to once a week at the very most, and that’s just for a treat now, as CBD has saved my life and lifts me up daily. Thank you Woodies!

  5. carl.john64 (verified owner)

    as always a superb vape really fantastic cartridge excellent flavour and an absolutely effective pain relief product keep up the brilliant work you do at woodies thank you for the new flavour too awesome cheers Jamie

  6. carl.john64 (verified owner)

    this is one of my favoured cbd cartrides from woodies it really is a game changer really nice taste and a wonderfull nights sleep keep up the work you do the quality is second to none awesome

  7. o.p.s

    I’ve tried hundreds of CBD products & this has really impressed me, I’m back again for my third order.

  8. carl.john64 (verified owner)

    absolutely superb pain relieve cartridge this is my fav really nice flavor and really does work wonders for sleeping keep up the awesome work you do at woodies my number 1 for CBD products

  9. felixlarbi19

    Been having the best sleeps through out the night with this couple pulls and within half hour I’m ready to see the fairy’s , great taste definitely recommend

  10. pauldmoore36

    Was recommended by a friend and spoke to Jamie, he recommended CMass and I was soon enjoying easily the highest quality CBD I’ve tried. I often have trouble with stomach pain brought on when stressed, since using Woodies my gut health has improved incredibly. I have a decent diet and quite active, woodies was the missing link. The terpenes are there and leave a clean taste on the tongue. Can’t recommend enough. Jamie’s passion for his product is infectious, his knowledge of the entire extraction process is evident when you start using Woodies. Order and Enjoy !

  11. kerri

    Relaxing. Very close to the bud on taste to which was great for me as i originally ordered from woodies to hopefully find something to help me sleep as i was struggling after quitting the bud…and within 30mins this was working well. Smelling great and tasting even better! Would defo order again! Thanks J! 💨

  12. Danny (verified owner)

    Not the cheapest out there but one of the best, aiding in pain relief from fractured coccyx will be ordering again soon…

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