CBD Oil for Pets; Why You Should Consider It

The endocannabinoid system is ubiquitously present in nearly all mammalian species.

Did you know that in the same ways CBD oil can help humans, it can also be used to help pets? Recent studies have revealed that the endocannabinoid system is ubiquitously present in nearly all mammalian species. These new findings on the ECS are opening the door to help pain management, stress reduction, inflammatory diseases, and anxiety management, especially in pets.

Benefits of CBD oil for pets;

  • Reducing anxiety; Pets suffer from stress and anxiety, often more so than humans due to separation. Just like humans, CBD oil can make the pet feel more comfortable and relaxed. It is also effective for disorders caused by either panic or trauma.
  • Relieving pain; CBD oil contains cannabinoids that are very effective in controlling pain. Some of the distress that can be effectively reduced include general inflammation, bowel disease, and nerve-related pain.
  • Helps with neurodegenerative diseases; CBD oil can protect the cells of the brain from toxicity. Older pets are more at risk of experiencing the death of brain cells; CBD can, therefore, help protect the brain from cell death which is often caused by toxins and free radicals.
  • Improving appetite; Your pet may have lost its appetite and be at risk of starving to death. Reports show that CBD can increase their appetite by preventing nausea and vomiting which may have been caused by drugs or toxins.
  • Improves heart health; Another benefit of CBD oil for pets is its ability to ensure that the pet stays strong. CBD oil ensures that the pet has a regular heart rate by protecting the blood vessels from any damage.

What to consider when buying CBD oil

You're might already be considering using a CBD oil for your pet, however, there are some factors that need to be considered when choosing a CBD oil for your pet, including:

  1. The CBD oils come in different qualities. Cheaper oils may contain additives that will deter its purity. High-quality oil will mean a higher cost.
  2. Lab analysis! It is crucial to understand the contents of the CBD oil you're purchasing for your pet. Undertaking a lab analysis helps determine the contents and amount. You should ask for an analysis certificate from the manufacturer.
  3. Is it an organic product? Non-organic CBD oil has fungicides, pesticides, or other solvents that make it impure.
  4. Dosage: When giving your pet the CBD oil start gradually and increase this dosage over time. Based on this, you should buy CBD as a tincture instead of a treat as this allows you to adjust the dosage for maximum benefits.

Get your pet some CBD oil and watch it grow stronger for longer.


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→ For a full report on the recreational use of CBD read WHO's Critical Review Report on CANNABIDIOL (CBD)

Woodies CBD Oil for Pets

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I've spent over 10,000 hours in the lab and at university perfecting my CBD oils. I use them, my family and friends use them and when it comes to CBD for pets it's exactly the same. My little pug gets his daily dose to keep his bowel in balance.


Jamie Wood, Founder & Head Scientist Woodies Ltd.

Woodies CBD Oil for Pets
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→ This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment, illness or disease.