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Here you’ll be able to take part in the development of new Woodies products and influence what we experiment with next!

Woodies LAB

When launching Woodies back in October 2019 I decided to begin with vapes. I was introduced to CBD through vaping, so it seemed like the most logical first Woodies product to create. However, I quickly began to receive requests for CBD oils, skincare and all sorts of other products. To understand how we can fulfil the Woodies mission, "Stronger for Longer", I started talking to my customers and team about the potential remedies that would benefit the most people. In turn, this led to lots of conversations and revealed the vast scope of products that CBD can elevate and be applied to.

This is why I wanted to create a platform that shows you what I’m currently working on, but that also provides a space for sharing your thoughts about what you’d like to explore and develop with Woodies CBD.

woodies lab

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Let me know below about your ideas or upvote good ones and I'll add them to my experimental potions!

Woodies LAB

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    CBD Oil for Pets
    2 months agoopen0
    Recent studies have revealed that the endocannabinoid system is ubiquitously present in nearly all mammalian species. The new findings on ECS hence open the door to new approaches for pain management,... Read more...
  • 98
    2 months agoopen1
    Make a luxury terpene and CBD intimate lube to help with recovery
  • 32
    Scalp Treatment
    2 months agoopen0
    Develop an all organic and natural treatment for itchy scalps leveraging CBDs inflammatory abilities.
  • 21
    CBD After sun
    2 months agoopen0
    Make a cooling aftersun with high levels of cbd to help recovery after being in the sun
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Ideas That Made It!

From our many conversations and with the help of the community these are the products that made the cut and are now available to purchase.

Woodies for Pets

First potion to roll of the lab table after having talked to customers and experimented with the potential benefits of CBD oil for Pets!

Cold Pressed MCT Oil, Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L) Derived Cannabinoid Distillate, Chia Seed Oil with Omega 3. Everything your pet needs to stay stronger for longer!

woodies cbd oil

Woodies & CBD

Whereas many other sellers here in the UK buy their CBD from a wholesaler, add thinning agents such as VG or PG (for vapes and juices), before sticking their own label on it for re-selling, from the start I’ve been committed to producing my own premium pure broad spectrum triple distilled CBD.

I use 100% pure CBD distillate throughout my range, produced by myself using clean solvent extraction and purification techniques, resulting in a completely pure and natural plant-derived extract. This is then combined with 100% natural cannabis-derived terpenes for the all-important entourage effect that broad-spectrum, as opposed to isolate, CBD offers - put simply, this means that the different plant components work better together than separately.


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