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Granddaddy Purple CBD Syringe

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Woodies Granddaddy Purple CBD Syringe with 100% pure cannabis terpenes flavour. Granddaddy Purple a California staple with a complex grape and berry aroma, potent effects are clearly detectable in both mind and body.


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Granddaddy Purple CBD Syringe

Woodies Granddaddy Purple CBD Syringe with 100% pure cannabis terpenes flavour. Granddaddy Purple a California staple with a complex grape and berry aroma, potent effects are clearly detectable in both mind and body. As always with Woodies signature 92% pure broad-spectrum triple distilled CBD.



Contents: 0.5ml - 1m, 450mg - 900mg CBD

  • 90% Pure CBD
  • 8.7% Terpenes
  • < 1% Pure CBG
  • No THC (0%)


  • All-natural ingredients so can crystalise, if this happens heat with a hairdryer or run under hot water in a Ziplock bag more here


→ More about Vaping CBD Oil

→ This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment, illness or disease.

→ For a full report on the recreational use of CBD read WHO's Critical Review Report on CANNABIDIOL (CBD)

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Want to recommend again without…

Want to recommend again without reservation the wonderful products and service from Woodies. I have been using the peppermint flavoured CBD oil and it is really helping my anxiety and I feel much more calm. My daughters use the vapes and also feel enormous benefit. The hand sanitizer smells lovely and doesn’t leave your hands sticky just clean and fresh.
Just received the balm today to rub on arthritic knees for me and hands for my husband. I have great confidence it will help with pain and like all his products it is beautifully packaged and branded.



By far best CBD product I’ve used

Jamie was so helpful And the service was amazing! Def be back



Excellent product highly recommended

After researching alot I came across a good review on woodies products. The website was easy to navigate. Jamie's was extremely helpful throughout my purchase experience and delivery was really quick. Highly recommend the product helps with my anxiety and arthritis.

Deena Sharkey


Cannot rate Woodies highly enough in…

Cannot rate Woodies highly enough in everyway. I really recommend anyone with health issues to try these amazing products . Excellent gold star service. Friendly helpful and efficient. Beautifully packaged icing on cake



I used Woodies for the first time (it...

I used Woodies for the first time (it arrived just before Christmas which is a particularly stressful time for me) and I thought the quality of the CBD oil was really good. I tried a bit under my tongue and could feel more relaxed within 5 minutes. The packaging also would make a good gift for loved ones.

Mark Cann


The Best

The Best; Love the look , love the quality , love the name .. it’s nice to see someone running a company has a passion to produce the best products and not just turn a fast buck ..

Brilliant job Jamie Woods!


I really love pineapple express nice…

I really love pineapple express nice smooth smoke, tasted like bud, I'll try some strawberry cough, an the lemon next time , just nearly finishing my 1st order, the discount code came in handy. Thanks again woodies vape


  • Volume:

    0.5ml, 1ml

  • Flavours:

    Granddaddy Purple

2 reviews for Granddaddy Purple CBD Syringe

  1. rod (verified owner)

    Amazing!!! I have tried so many products and I always come back to woodies, they really are at the top of the game, light years above the rest.
    I have suffered 13 years of chronic pain, anxiety, brain fog, depression etc., and thus disrupted sleep, just terrible for so long! As I have reviewed woodies critical haze and green ribbon which i found excellent and declared Game Changer! for my anxiety, general mood, pain and ultimately relaxation. I was mainly comparing this to the other flower, concentrates and wax/shatters etc, on the market. So for me at the time woodies was leagues above the rest.
    But with so many options out there you have to spend time trying which is best for you and at the time (last year) woodies varieties was limited, so other providers was for me filling the gap with flower and waxes, all great but always lacked that something, that purity, taste and effect which woodies always delivered.
    Then woodies expanded their range and again WOW Gamer changer! I jump to buy the granddaddy purple, knowing it was a good variety to help with relaxation and sleep but also knowing the quality would be second to none. As said, I have tried GDP from so many suppliers but what i got from woodies is truly and whole heartedly on another level from the amazing taste to obviously and most importantly the actual effects. Really a few puffs each night and WOW, relaxation and help with pain here it comes! The new ceramic atomiser they sell is amazing, better than the standard one most sellers use as it provides (in my opinion), more intense and nuanced flavour which enhances the effects. I do not normally write such long reviews but for Woodie, I could go on, I am So happy to have found Woodie, really if you have suffered chronic pain and sleep disruption for so long and if you are the same then try this GDP, you will not be disappointed, you can Not find better!! I hope to try other varieties and will review, I usually give it a month before I review

  2. smith.colin98 (verified owner)

    Another 5 star strain , tastes great & really chills you out after long hard day , Woodies is simply the best in the uk for cbd!!

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