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Benefits of Exercise; 6 inspiring reasons for working out

Are you scratching your head about the benefits of exercise? You probably are wondering whether a few minutes of exercise in a day is worth it. You may have heard people say that doing some exercise is healthy for your heart. Like many people who are less motivated by these benefits, you probably have chosen to do little exercise or perhaps forego it all.

Previous research has revealed that there are many reasons why you should consider starting to exercise irrespective of your age, health status, or even if you are a pregnant lady. When you exercise, you will realize that no medication or pill can be as satisfying as a good exercise, and in case there is any, then it must be really costly.

6 Benefits of Exercise

Below are six of the benefits of exercise that you get when you keep your body in motion;

1. Stimulates the brain

When you exercise, you increase your memory, become a quick learner, and also reduce your depression levels. Exercising improves the flow of blood into your brain, resulting in the growth of new brain cells and even blood vessels. When you exercise regularly, you can become attentive for a longer period as the rate at which your brain cells are degenerating is hugely decreased.

2. Improves your mood

Did you know that when you exercise, you become happier? Exercise can trigger your brain to release chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins that are responsible for reducing pain, relieving stress, and brightening your mood.  Therefore regular exercise does not only bring physical benefits but also plays a great role in emotional and psychological health.

Improve your mood with exercise

3. Slower ageing

Do you wish to increase your lifespan by over five years? Try exercising. Studies have shown that when you engage in a moderately intense exercise, you are reducing the rate at which your body cells are ageing. When you exercise, you reduce the rate at which the telomeres shorten by increasing the level of the molecules that protect them. Therefore, you can slow down ageing at the cellular level. Exercising ensures that you remain stronger for longer.

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4. Glowing skin

Engaging in exercise, especially aerobic exercises, increases the blood flow to the skin. With sufficient blood flowing to the skin, your skin will have enough supply of oxygen and nutrients that are essential for healthy skin. Healthy skin will mean that your wound heals faster in case of an injury.  Whenever you exercise, your muscles release a lot of heat. It is through the skin that you release the heat to the environment hence helping to regulate your body temperature.

5. Quicker recovery from illnesses

Previously, people who suffered from certain diseases were always discouraged not to exercise. However, recent studies show that exercise is important for people who have chronic conditions such as heart failure and diabetes. Having even light exercises such as just walking will result in a great improvement in your conditions and also increase your energy levels.


6. Weight-check

Exercise will result in your body metabolism becoming more active. More of the fats will be used to form energy due to the increased oxygen intake. The fat cells are also responsible for producing substances that help to reduce inflammation.


There are many benefits of exercise that you should always have in mind whenever you work out from home or hit the gym. None can be singled out as a more important reason why you should frequently exercise if you haven’t been doing so. All these reasons should inspire you to start burning those calories today.

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Jamie Wood, Founder & CEO


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