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5 Reasons Why You Could Be Ageing Prematurely

It is a natural process to grow older over time but we found 5 reasons why you could be ageing prematurely. It is possible that you probably look older than your actual age. Several factors impact how fast we age.  The reason why you could be looking older than your biological age could be the behaviours that you engage in. Most of us do not support a more active and youthful body. Did you know that you can take control of your ageing process? All you need is to ensure that you maintain a young body and a healthy mind.

Below are five reasons why you could be looking older than your biological age;

1. Attitude

Your mind is a key organ in determining how fast you age. The mind can either accelerate or decelerate your ageing process. You may be wondering why your happy friend looks so young.  Well, the reason is they are more optimistic and hopeful. One thing you need to make a priority is always to be joyful. When you are happy, you avoid possible conditions of heart-related diseases. You will not experience any aching of the joints or bones. A happy face also keeps you face free of wrinkles as you are always in a more relaxed state. However, when you constantly show emotions of distress and anger, your face may end up forming permanent wrinkles that will make you look much older than you actually are.

2. Drinking and smoking

It is basic knowledge that excessive drinking and smoking negatively affects our health and wellbeing. Drinking not only affects the internal organs of the body. When you continue drinking excessively, you may notice that your facial skin slowly becomes discoloured, you develop poor muscle tone, and your blood vessels often break. The same case goes for smokers. When you smoke, you deprive your body enough oxygen, and with time you start developing lines around your mouth and wrinkles on your face, especially your forehead making it look like you are ageing prematurely.

5 reasons why you could be ageing prematurely

3. Diet

The food you eat has a huge impact on your body. There are foods that can make you age faster while other food will help you retain your young body. It is therefore crucial that you carefully choose the foods you eat. When you eat foods that are fatty and sugary, you cause inflammation in your body hence increasing the rate at which you age. You, therefore, need to consider a diet that contains foods that are rich in natural products.

4. Stress

If you want to age as fast as possible, live a stressful life. Ones you show a worried face, the chance of you developing wrinkles are very high. Stress reduces your energy levels, making you less responsive to challenging your body. Stress brings with it illnesses that enhance the ageing process.

5. Weight

Your body weight also plays a big role in your ageing process. Being extremely overweight or underweight increases the rate at which you age. When you are skinny, your body lacks the natural fats that always keep your skin intact. On the other hand, overweight people are less active and are at a higher risk of developing health problems that may add to their ageing process.

While it is not possible to skip a birthday so as not to age, you can control how fast or slow your age. Avoiding stress, exercising, and having a healthy diet will keep you looking happy and much younger.


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Jamie Wood, Founder & CEO


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