Comfortably Wearing A Facemask

Comfortably Wearing A Facemask

With the heat, sweat, and humidity that comes with Jersey summers, we now have to add face masks. The (CDC ); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended the use of face masks in addition to keeping social distance as protection measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. You must certainly be wondering how uncomfortable this is.

Here is how you can keep safe and feel comfortable,

Use breathable masks

Having a mask on could result in you struggling for air. When wearing a mask, the air that you exhale may get trapped if the material used for making the mask is not breathable. The air that we breathe out has an approximate temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine walking outside on a sunny day with your mask on, chances of you overheating your body are very high given that the hit air you exhale gets trapped by the mask.

When choosing a mask, chose masks that are made light and breathable materials like fabrics that are 100% cotton. You can also consider using old T-shirts or cotton sheets. Ensure that the masks you pick are of light colours that can reflect sunlight and do not absorb heat. Do not use masks made of polyester and other synthetic fabrics.

Have a comfortably fitting mask

Ensure that your mask has covered both your mouth and the nose. The mask should amply fit on both sides of your face. It should not be tight in front of your mouth and nose. This will make it easy for you to breathe.  One way of having a comfortable mask is by using masks that have adjustable straps rather than ear loops.

It is important that your mask feels as comfortable as possible since you will be wearing it for long periods to always protect others and yourself.

Have more than one mask

Always carry extra masks since the masks easily get damp from the sweat. Having a wet mask can prevent you from breathing since it will stick to your face. When using a cloth mask, it is advisable to wash them frequently. However, for the disposable masks, always throw them away from ones they become soiled or even damp.

When to wear a mask

There are times that you can stay without having the mask on. Below are some of the instances of when and when not to wear a mask as per the CDC recommendations.

When sitting by yourself either in a car or outside, you don’t have to put on your mask. However, when you are within 2 meters of reach of someone else, you need to put the mask on. One such situation is when picking some food at a drive-thru.

facemask in style

If you are running or having alone walk within your neighbourhood, you don’t have to put your mask on. In case you are in a crowd, ensure to maintain social distance, and keep your mask on.

You probably have a job that requires you to be having your mask all day. You can find time to take breaks and find some isolated place where you can take off the mask for some minutes. Avoid touching the front end of the mask and ensure you always wash you're your hands

Protect your skin

You should apply some moisturizer so that your skin doesn’t feel irritated from the heat and humidity that build up under the mask.

Take time to go outside

In case you cannot withstand the hot temperatures, you can always get outside very early in the morning when the temperature is cool or late in the day. Your safety and health should be the top priority.

If you’ve found this helpful, please share. And if you have any further questions, please let me know below and I or one of my team will do our best to provide you with answers.


Jamie Wood, Founder & CEO